The Vendor Finance Association of Australia Incorporated was registered with the Department of Consumer Affairs in Victoria in 2011. The Association has the following principal objectives and aims:

It was set up as a non profit organization run by industry members to promote professional, safe and fair conduct within the industry, while protecting and promoting the interests of Vendor Finance in Australia.

The members of the association are made up of individuals and companies providing vendor finance in Australia that follow the objectives of the association regarding Accountability, competence and communication.

It seeks to achieve these objectives through opportunities of education, case studies and support for its members through regular meetings

The Principal Objectives for its members are:

  • To promote and safeguard the interests of Vendor Finance
  • To provide balanced and accurate information regarding vendor financing to its members and the public
  • To abide by a code of Ethics established by the association.
  • To keep members up to date on changes and trends in the industry
  • To organise these meetings to provide networking opportunities for it’s members

Victorian government killing choices

As usual rather than put in place a set of sensible and clear guidelines for proper use of instalment contracts and lease options, the government has decided to just remove citizen choices. There is currently changes happening in Victoria to The Sale of Land Act. There are many amendments in this piece of legislation that …

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Feedback from the last Melbourne meeting

We asked people to jot down what they liked best or got out of the last VFA meeting in Melbourne. Click here to see what they said!! What did I miss?  

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So, now they get it

Housing provider suggests ‘rent to buy’ scheme to help solve housing crisis Posted 14 Apr 2015, 6:42am PHOTO: Pacific Link said transition programs will mean people living in social housing will have the opportunity to move into other accommodation. (ABC News: Nic MacBean) MAP: Newcastle 2300 Central Coast based housing group Pacific Link says private …

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Cash Flow Control

The Vendor Finance Association does not believe more regulation will serve the industry. The industry is already highly regulated – to the extent that it is restricting the flow of new investors into the industry and retarding competition and innovation.  (We doubt that Henry Ford would be allowed to start a car company or Bill …

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