You’re not an agent

I got an email from one of the ….. members recently who had an apartment they were selling through a real estate agent and it took some months to find a buyer. He puts the problem of the sales process to misleading advertising. His quote was “Mister real estate agency insists sticking to the old ways for the past X years and don’t give a dam about buyers in general. A 9 m² bedroom is not a generous bedroom size.”

There is a reason that we tell people not to use the same terminology is real estate agents and it is the same basic principle as mentioned by this person, respect. If you show the client respect by telling them what the property is upfront before they come then they will appreciate what you’re showing them. Once they drive by they will know whether or not the property was something that they were looking for.

With your advertising with your vendor finance properties it is less about the actual house itself and more about the opportunity that you are providing people to work towards owning their own home. That is why getting all airy fairy with the description of the property is not really necessary. The barebones of what the property is and the opportunity that you offering is far more important than how beautiful the lavatory at the backyard is.

With your advertising keep it to the point you are the owner/controller of the property and your selling it, that is your headline. The next line should be a brief description of the property, and I mean brief it’s a five bedroom property with two bathrooms and a double garage. I will see how beautiful place is when they get there. The next line on your sign will be the weekly payment so that they know whether or not they can afford the property and we usually add a little bit of the bottom that says plus very low deposit. Put your own personal name on it because people like to know who it is they are ringing and leave a number.

Even when you’re advertising online or in the newspaper keep it fairly simple, if you sound like a real estate agent they won’t call. Sound like somebody selling their own home and you will get people ringing you to see what it is that you are doing. People want to speak to real people about real things way the sales jargon and flashy crap to the commission salesman.

With selling the house yourself, the process is more about the opportunity rather than just the house itself, but not completely as the house needs to be something that they want to.

Dave Siacci