VFA Blog Rules

The purpose of the Blog on the VFA site is to provide Information and articles for for the benefit of members, non-members and consumers.



The post must be useful to the readers of this blog


Factual, substantiated and unbiased


Information that any Vendor Financier should expect to hear from its impartial industry body


The post must not include marketing-related links , except for promoting the VFA or VFA Activities


Informative articles linking the understanding and public perception to the uses of VF in everyday property transactions


Personal opinion must not demean or vilify any vendor financier’s business. This in no way limits the blog from pointing out practices that are questionable, however commercial sensitivities will be respected to ensure the VFA position is based on an impartial, ethical and integrity-focused position.


Personal information can only be divulged if it is available in the public domain or by consent


Re-posting of news articles must show a benefit to members, non-members or consumers


If a complaint about a post is received by the VFA committee in the correct format, the offending post will be removed while the compliant and post will be reviewed by one other committee member and a decision made as to allow or remove that post.  Thereafter, the committee’s decision and subsequent action taken shall be reported to the person who made the complaint.