Vice President resigns

From VFI news

PS.  FYI, I resigned as Vice President of the Vendor Finance Association last Tuesday. I remain a member ……..

No reason was given, and we respect Paul decision and did not ask…

Moving Forward

The committee will meet and communicate over the next few days to decide what path to take with the appointment of a new vice president. The model rules allow for the committee to appoint a VP until the next election and this may be the path taken.

As to the second half of the comment by member Dobson I assure the membership that there are no ‘factions’ within the committee and that the committee is 100% behind the VFA goals of increasing our membership base in 2014, providing better flow of information from the Association to the members using both Facebook and the new E-Newsletter. There is no contention with these goals within the committee.

Also if we look further afield  into the wider community that we place ourselves, that is the Vendor Finance Investors and businesses out there, I do not see any evidence of supporting the supposition of “look forward to an Association that represents the whole industry, is cohesive and without factions”.

If you bring the Industry into disrepute, then it is the Vendor Finance Associations job to let everyone know; its about time there was some accountability in the industry.

“The Vendor Finance Association exists to support its members, not the whole industry, and be a voice for its members with in the industry. So if you are an individual or a business that uses Vendor Finance in any way shape or form and you wish to join the Association, then great, it only helps strengthen us as a group of like minded individuals.” ( Thanks Wayne Moffat for rewording the above 2  parts for me)


If you don’t want to be a member then that’s cool too. Its an individual choice.

However if you are just misusing Vendor Finance or are bringing disrepute to the industry in any way shape or form through bad practices and bad deals then we dont want you.

So if there are Factions, I don’t know what they are. If there are non cohesive sectors in our industry I gather that puts us in the same boat as every other industry in Australia as well.

Dave Siacci
VFA President